New York Times Lists Italian Baker

Corby Kummer, a senior editor at The Atlantic, writes a wonderful article for New York Times’ Sunday Book Review Embracing Home: Books About Cooking. He lists his favorite cookbooks for the holidays.

Kummer writes about The Italian Baker:

Every bread baker, home or pro, has been influenced, knowingly or unknowingly, by Carol Field’s ITALIAN BAKER (Ten Speed Press, $35), which the author has now revised and retested. I’m perhaps improperly impartial because I’m quoted inside the back cover with enthusiastic praise of the first edition. But the technique of a long-risen, low-yeast bread started with Field, and she’s still the master of that and biga, the “almost natural yeast” that’s an easy and essential sourdough starter. It’s also Field who introduced Americans to ciabatta and made bakers aware of the regional variety of focaccia.

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