Who can resist bruschetta rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil, almond-studded biscotti dipped in coffee or wine, and, of course, a thin-crusted pizza with fresh, sweet tomatoes and tangy mozzarella? These Italian classics that Americans know and love are just the beginning; there are a wealth of other equally delicious breads and sweets waiting to be discovered….
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An intoxicating novel about a woman who seduces an entire city with the exotic fare she creates in her home-run restaurant. Best-selling cookbook author Carol Field turns her talent to fiction in Mangoes and Quince. A feast of the imagination, Mangoes and Quince tells the story of Miranda, abandoned in Amsterdam by her husband Anton, who disappeared into the South Seas. Marooned,…
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 In Nonna’s Kitchen is a beautifully written collection of anecdotes, folk wisdom, priceless secrets, and recipes from the kitchens of matriarchs throughout the peninsula. As ordinary life in Italy becomes increasingly urban and Americanized, the nonne are the last generation to preserve the unique dishes and tastes of the small towns, valleys, and hilltops in Italy’s varied regions…
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Italians are passionate about their food and love to celebrate together. At annual village festivals the food is cooked in mammoth proportions, the cobblestone streets become jammed with costumed processions and happy crowds sit and enjoy a communal meal that is a ritual of connection and neighborly love. In Celebrating Italy, Carol Field takes the reader to these exuberant civic…
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This classic volume is a glorious tribute to one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The Hill Towns of Italy, capturing in luminous photographs the special feeling of this region, will serve as an evocative memoir for those who have had the good fortune to visit the hill towns and as an irresistible lure for those who have not yet made the pilgrimage. 60+ full-color photos.
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Sales in the six figures and counting testify to the enduring appeal of Focaccia, the classic celebration of Italian flatbread. Now with a fresh new cover, this delightful cookbook continues to show how focaccia is one of the easiest-to-prepare and most versatile of homemade breads. Carol Field, an acclaimed expert on Italy and its cuisines, provides more than 50 enticing recipes,…
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Bread in Italy is rough country loaves with thick chewy crusts and flat disks of focaccia seasoned with the wild herbs of the fields. It is celebratory sweet holiday breads dense with fat raisins, toasted nuts and candied fruit peels. It is “new wave” wave” breads, recently invented by artisan bakers and studded with roasted peppers, sun. dried tomatoes and salty…
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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner may mark the beginning, middle, and end of the day, but for centuries Italians have eaten two small informal meals that come in between. Italy in Small Bites is the first-ever collection of recipes for these bite-size treats, known as spuntini and merende, the soul food of Italy. Spuntini, the midmorning snack, can be as simple as a sublime walnut-and-…
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